Tietoa seurasta

Vietnam-seura ry tekee vietnamilaista kulttuuria ja yhteiskuntaa tunnetuksi Suomessa sekä toimii Vietnamin köyhien avustamiseksi että antaa matkaneuvontaa Vietnamiin. Tämän lisäksi seura tarjoaa mahdollisuuksien mukaan asiantuntemustaan yhteisöjen ja yksityishenkilöiden käyttöön, muille korvausta vastaan.

Seuran historia

The Vietnam Society was founded in 1971 under the name of the Finland-Vietnam Society. The club has its roots in the anti-Vietnam War solidarity movement. Until the early 1990s, the club’s activists were mainly interested in supporting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In the early 1990s, there was a change of power in the company, first to the government and later to its leadership by young women with a wide range of ties to Vietnam not only in the field of work but also in family ties. Since then, there have been people on the club’s board who are interested in Vietnam and Vietnamese, not so much in its political system.

The Society has organized seminars and a cultural program, such as the Cai Luong Concert in October 1996. The Society has been publishing books since the 1970s. Information on the latest books can be found in the Publications section. Between 1990 and 1993, a total of four issues of Indokiinan Sanomat were published. In the 21st century, Vietnamese tea and moon festivals, discussion events, film nights and language and food courses have been organized.

Development cooperation has been an essential part of the club’s activities. The most recent project to support Thai minority women in Son Lan Province ended in 2008. Since then, the club has been a partner of the Environment and Development Association’s Local Democracy Project.

Throughout its history, the Vietnam Society has organized a few tourist trips to Vietnam (in 1979, 1989, 1990, when a parliamentary delegation was involved, and most recently in 2003). Today, the club provides travel advice when needed, as commercial operators now organize a lot of tours in Vietnam  and self-help tourism has also exploded in recent years.

The first chairman of the society was the author Paavo Rintala 1971-72, followed by the pastor Erkki Arhinmäki in 1973 and after his departure the author Bo Winqvist.

Presidents of the Vietnam Society since 1985:

1985 – 1988 Professor Helge Gyllenberg

1988 – 1992 Member of Parliament Esko Seppänen

1992 – 1994 Dr. Göran Pulkkis

1994 – 1998 editor Johan von Bonsdorff

1998 – 2019 researcher Minna Hakkarainen

2019 – engineer Mauri Raveala


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